Professional advantage
Since its establishment 30 years ago, it is a domestic technical clock and timing service enterprise focusing on the research and development, design, manufacture and service of products in the field of timing services and intelligent clocks.
Core technical advantages

It has a large number of original, core and patented technologies in Beidou timing and smart clocks, with more than 260 national authorized patents and more than 60 software copyrights

Technical team advantage

With a national team of authoritative experts in the same industry, with a profound professional background in electronic information technology, it is able to design a system architecture tailored for simultaneous timing in multiple fields

Safety and reliability advantages
Meet IEC61000, EN55024, EN55032 and other series of electromagnetic compatibility international standards, GB/T17626 series of electromagnetic compatibility national standards, 8 test levels reach level 3 or above
Authoritative certification advantages
It has passed the authoritative electromagnetic compatibility special tests such as State Grid Electric Power Academy, Shanghai Electrical Equipment Testing Institute, Shenzhen Xince Technology Co., Ltd. Ensure product compatibility and safety.
Detection guarantee advantages

Self-owned electromagnetic immunity special laboratory, EMC testing environment laboratory, LED photochromic testing laboratory, nanosecond precision time remote transmission, traceability and measurement system platform, etc.