Yantai Chijiu clock croup . has been tirelessly pursuing "high-end image, excellent quality, and excellent service". The lasting success comes from the user's success, from the user's approval and appreciation, and the user is the core of the enduring group's concern.
tracking service
The company provides lifetime tracking service for the user's equipment, which is free of charge during the warranty period. After the warranty period, only the cost of replacement parts will be charged, and no on-site fee, testing fee, maintenance fee, etc. will be charged.
Technical Support
Provide technical support for customers at any time, call the service hotline 0535-6719866, 6719868 You can get a thoughtful and satisfactory answer.
Equipment handover
When the equipment is handed over, some wearing parts and spare parts are provided to users free of charge.
Technical Training
After the installation and commissioning of the equipment is completed, our company will train a number of system technical management personnel for users free of charge.
Service Network

Up to now, Chijiu Clock Group has become the preferred brand for national, provincial and ministerial key projects

The company's main product has a time synchronization system , Child-Mother Clock System, Tower Clock, Ship Clock, World Clock, Cityscape Clock, etc. The main application fields are airports, nuclear power, subways, high-speed railways, stations, ports, ships, venues, customs, education, finance, hospitals, real estate, etc.   Products sell well in 32 provinces (cities) and more than 30 countries and regions across the country. The company's first domestic clock networking system enables customers to enjoy practical and convenient high-quality services, triggering a major change in the clock industry from a product model to a service model.

Number of service partners

3500 +

Comprehensive market share of

80 %

Undertake national, provincial and municipal projects

30 +