Nuclear power accounts
for more than 90%
Building tower clocks account
for more than 80%
Venues account
for more than 70%
Airports account
for more than 90%
High-speed rail accounts
for more than 85%
The subway accounts
for more than 80%
Ships account
for more than 70%
The national comprehensive market share is more than 80%
Civil Airport
There are 235 civil airports nationwide. China's 3 major gateways, 8 major hubs, and 12 major trunk airports, accounting for 90%
Rail Transit
A total of 44 cities and 234 lines have opened rail transit across the country, of which 80% of 38 cities have been permanently covered.
High-speed Railways
The total mileage of high-speed rail in China is 39000 kilometers, including the eight vertical and horizontal trunk lines, accounting for 85%
Nuclear Power Plant
At present, there are 21 nuclear power plants in China, and Chijiu Clock Group covers 19 nuclear power plants, accounting for more than 90% of the total.