Long-lasting in Yantai - deeply cultivating Beidou timing applications, focusing on time-frequency synchronization, time synchronization, and intelligent clocks for 30 years, escorting the safe operation of rail transit, nuclear power, aerospace, national defense and military industries.

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Yantai Chijiu · Selected Brand for National Key Projects

Yantai Chijiu Clock Group is a national high-tech enterprise, a national specialization and new key "little giant" enterprise, the country's first batch of single champion manufacturing enterprises, the country's first batch of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises, a national Internet and industrial integration innovation pilot enterprise, and a national contract-abiding enterprise. Credit-heavy enterprise, Shandong famous brand product, China National Light Industry Federation "Light Industry Brand Cultivation Management System Advanced Enterprise" and "Light Industry Brand Competitive Advantage Product"; it is an "Internet +" outstanding innovation enterprise in Shandong Province, a Chinese patented Shandong star enterprise, and a Shandong star enterprise. Provincial manufacturing informatization demonstration enterprise, executive director of China Watch and Clock Association, the only executive director of the public clock seminar, and the chairman unit of Shandong Watch and Clock Association.


Persistent intentions, serving the country's construction, and satisfying the people's good life

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Long-lasting "Beidou Time System" empowers Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport
【Company News】
China's first and world-leading Beijing Winter Olympics Snow Wax Clock...
【Company News】
Yantai's long-lasting appearance at China International Nuclear Power Industry and Equipment Exhibition
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Yantai will continue to help Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao on the 7th line...
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"Design·Digital Intelligence Era" Yantai will participate in the world industrial design for a long time...
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Persistently won the "13th Five-Year Plan" National Light Industry Technology Innovation First...


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